the project

This project involved the upgrading of existing traditional rural buildings. The strategy adopted was to preserve the existing stone facades and utilise internal wall insulation using hygroscopic materials. Moisture profiling using Wuffi analysis ensured that interstitial condensation would not occur within the walls. Other measures taken included installation of high levels of insulation in the floor and roof, and a district heating system fed by a biomass boiler.

How we worked

Working with Stanhope Gate Architects, London, we developed the fabric improvements to these two courtyard stable blocks. Insulation strategies were developed that were sensitive to the existing stone buildings and that didn’t reduce floor area significantly.  Accessibility and fire strategies were developed in line with building regulations.  Wheelchair accessible bedrooms and bathrooms were provided and all public spaces were accessible. Heating, lighting and entertainment options were also developed with the client representative and design team.

Success of the project

We achieved a good thermal performance for the building envelope further to resolving many challenging details due to the nature of the existing building. We also came up with solutions on how aspects of the existing building could be developed to meet the building regulations.