By 6th January 2022
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Thomas Robinson Architects are recruiting for an experienced Part 2 Architectural Assistant or Technical Architect, and an Architectural Technologist or Technician to join our busy team here.

The role involves supporting project architects at Stage 4 predominantly but may also include Stages 1-3 of projects.

Why Thomas Robinson Architects?

We believe that our people are our biggest asset. Each person has a vital role to play in the role of the business of delivering outstanding projects for our clients. We communicate together openly and regularly and support each other at all stages of project lifecycles so the office environment is open, friendly and collaborative. Acts of leadership are recognised and continual learning and personal development is supported and encouraged. Your role will make a direct impact on the way people ultimately inhabit their new buildings and also to how they enjoy the process of commissioning an architect. 


Go to our careers section to find out more.

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