By 14th April 2020

Keeping ideas flowing is important in interior architecture. Our interior architecture team have an eye continually roving for interesting and beautiful design references and good examples from Scotland’s wealth of wonderful country properties. One such interior which has come to our notice recently is Brechin Castle, currently on sale with Savills.

Brechin Castle’s architect was Alexander Edward, who worked as a draughtsman for the king’s architect Sir William Bruce in the 1600’s on notable projects including Kinross House and Melville House, both splendid country mansions. Edward’s interior architecture is extremely detailed – the grandeur and scale of the carved woodwork, panelling and intricate plasterwork give a palatial feel to his interiors. He also deals with scale and space beautifully, which is so important in large buildings.

There is much for us to learn about proportion, joinery, cornicing and plaster ceilings from Brechin Castle. We have sculpted plaster ceilings going into houses on which we’re the interior architects at the moment. They may not be quite as elaborate as Edward’s but they add an often-forgotten essential layer of richness and texture to an interior, as the images show.

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Brechin Castle is currently on the market with Savills.

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