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‘When I design a building I think about the whole space – how it flows, where the light comes from, how the space functions and what it feels like. This is an integral part of the design process. Having spent time considering and designing a project, I will have a pretty clear idea about how the interior could be finished to suit our
clients’ tastes and also complement the structural design.’

Fiona Robinson, Director and Interior Designer,
Thomas Robinson Architects 

What we do
Many of our Interior Architecture services are included in the overall architectural service for houses we’re designing.

If you’re designing a new home or looking to refurbish a home, we can provide a full Interior Architecture service, to cover rearranging rooms, plus everything from creating arches, to designing cornicing, panelling, built-in cupboards, stair design, bannisters, bookcases, alcoves, down stand beams, and more. We have specialist knowledge of what styles suit what spaces, be they traditional or contemporary.

Fiona Robinson, a Director at Thomas Robinson Architects, also has a degree in interior design and this informs her work as an architect. She can also provide a separate Interior Design service, including advice on colours, and furnishings.

Fiona has a keen creative eye for detail, colour, texture and space. She also offers a very practical perspective of what works best in any given space. Her ideas work and look great.

How we do it
Interior Architecture can be thought of as Deeper Design – taking each space and shaping it further with more detail. We do this by producing a series of internal elevations of each room at a larger scale. These elevations show where the internal finishes and fittings will go.

We create interior sample boards and suggest furniture styles. We can then model the spaces in colour. In the case of a bespoke project we can utilise 3D digital modelling so that you can visualise your interior more completely.

Lighting Design is a very important feature of an interior and although we are not lighting designers we have a broad feel for what will work. We then collaborate with specialist lighting designers to achieve the effect.

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