‘One of the reasons we enjoyed working with Thomas Robinson Architects was the whole team's attitude to exploring ideas and solutions. For us the creation of a very low energy building using sustainable architecture principles was key to the brief and we appreciated their refreshing outlook in exploring sustainable building design materials and construction approaches.’

Steve Macken Lomond Energy 

What we do
We think an integral part of the architectural process is creating sustainable buildings that are built to last using environmentally suitable materials and offering low long-term running and energy costs. We look at the social and environmental impact of our buildings, as well as their economic demands at the initial design stage. Thomas Robinson Architects possess numerous skills to achieve sustainable buildings.

How we do it
Sustainable design is not separate to designing beautiful high-quality buildings, it is part of the 21st-century design process. Designing buildings with low long term running costs and energy requirements is an essential aspect of making them affordable and comfortable spaces to inhabit, whatever their style of design. This in turn leads to buildings with a low environmental impact, which is good news for all of us.

Tom Robinson is an accredited European Passivhaus designer. The principles contained in Passivhaus methodology ensure well insulated, well ventilated buildings that make the best of systems such as solar gains, heat output from occupants and cooling from external shading. These can be adapted depending on the project. Designing good buildings which are appealing and treasured by their owners is the core skill of an architect. Our practice is skilled in achieving these aims while creating comfortable interiors in buildings with low energy demands.

We understand that our clients have priorities for their buildings and it is our role to understand them. We have found that our view on sustainability is often shared by our clients, and can be adapted to different buildings in different ways.

Working to achieve good results on complex building projects involves co-ordinating input from a range of partners, from builders to engineers. We understand the importance of our relationships with experts in other disciplines, and have many specialist contacts in the supply of environmentally friendly materials.

We have listed some of our specific services in this section and are always happy to talk to clients about their projects. Please call Tom Robinson on 01360 661144 or email tom@thomasrobinsonarchitects.co.uk for further details .