‘Re-pointing an ashlar sandstone wall in cement rather than lime putty mortar is like darning a blue cashmere sweater with red nylon thread.’

Conservation Architecture at Thomas Robinson Architects is led by Tom Robinson, an RIAS Accredited Conservation Architect.

We value the importance of forming a deep understanding of the history and cultural relevance of a particular building or place. When this has been achieved it informs our actions and proposals.

Intervening with historic buildings
We believe architectural heritage should be protected. Conserving a historic building can however mean intervening to enable its continued use or to create a new use. This may involve alterations or extensions, requiring absolute sensitivity and confidence. A sense of what will be right comes from experience and a deep understanding of traditional architecture.

Technical knowledge
Re-pointing an ashlar sandstone wall in cement rather than lime putty mortar is like darning a blue cashmere sweater with red nylon thread. How we treat our buildings is important for their long term survival.

Our practice has the knowledge required to treat old buildings properly and to conserve them for the long term. We also know how to get the best out of them by improving comfort and energy performance.

What we do
Conservation architecture is the process of recognising buildings which are of cultural or heritage value and taking action to preserve or retain them. Often a building is saved from further decay by a program of works which put right  the results of a long period of neglect or underuse. This can mean changes to enable a new use or simply repairs that will allow the building to be used.

How we do it
Important conservation projects may start with the production of a conservation plan. This is a detailed and formal process that involves research and investigations to understand the building's cultural significance. This is done by research, site investigations and also a process of drawing and recording.

Tom Robinson is accredited in conservation architecture under the RIAS scheme and is therefore able to act as the architect on projects involving the expenditure of public money. Tom has experience of working on a large selection of buildings including a grade 1 church in London and Grade A Castle in Scotland and many other listed buildings, including country houses, churches and townhouses.

Conservation projects may also require new work either in a sympathetic traditional style or by introducing contrasting modern elements. Tom Robinson is fluent in classical and traditional detailing.

We understand the process of managing the conservation of an important historic building can be long and sometime arduous. Our clients may have many different priorities to consider when dealing with their buildings. We aim to help our clients through the process of planning repairs, alterations and building projects from the same side of the table.

We understand that a successful conservation project will require all parties involved to work effectively to achieve the project goals. We have existing relationships with others  in the conservation field who can be introduced to projects.

If you’d like to talk to us about a Conservation project, please call 01360 661144 or email mail@thomasrobinsonarchitects.co.uk