Executive Architecture

‘Some English architects have come to us for Executive Architectural services because they know we have a proven track record of this role on prestigious and large projects, while others are attracted by our experience in classical and traditional detailing on buildings that respect the traditions of Scottish vernacular architecture.’

What we do
Executive Architecture is a service involving collaboration with a design architect or concept architect and our practice.

Our role as the Executive Architect is to ensure the design architect’s vision is translated into reality, while ensuring compliance with Scottish regulatory standards. We understand the complex relationships involved in these cross-party partnerships, and can manage local clients and workers sensitively and with architectural expertise, as well as offering an in-depth understanding of Scottish planning processes and building standards. We have acted successfully in this capacity for practices of architects based in London where we are the Scottish and local practitioner for the project, responsible for delivering the project on the ground.

How we do it
On an Executive Architecture project, we agree a division of the Architectural Services with the other architect. On previous Executive Architectural projects our firm has commonly dealt with planning, building control, construction drawings and the procurement stages. The process requires a trusting working relationship between parties and a shared vision for the project.

We have a range of experience as Executive Architects for Design Architects based in England. As the local architect on this type of project we have knowledge of Scottish Planning Policies, Building Regulation Standards, and many other local issues including contractors, materials, detailing and procurement.

We can assemble a team of consultants with the appropriate disciplines for a project. We have a long track record in classical and traditional detailing, construction methods, conservation projects, high-end private residences, housing developments and refurbishment or alterations to historic and listed buildings in Scotland. This means we are well positioned to help a concept architect or project manager in need of a Scottish architectural practice to deliver the project.

These projects require good communication between the parties involved and an appreciation of what qualities and skills each brings to the project. We have been fortunate to work with practices who we respect and who share similar architectural philosophies. We know because we are also architects that deciding to give one's design to another architectural practice to build it is a sensitive issue. There will be concerns that subtle details might be lost or critical proportions changed. As a practice we have a proven, inbuilt sensitivity towards these issues and having won design awards in various categories eg. The Avenel Development - five luxury Arts and Crafts Houses on which we were Executive Architects. We are proud of our attention to detail. Whatever the building, and whoever the design architect we take enormous care over realising its full potential and beauty.

We have built up a large circle of contacts in Scotland and the list continues to expand. We value our working relationships and bring these connections to the benefit of new projects. We recognise the need to get the right people into an effective team from the start.