By Tom Robinson7th December 2020

We have good reason to feel optimistic going into 2021 with some very exciting projects to work on.

It is in the nature of our practice that the projects are all very individual, which is what keeps things interesting and provides us with stimulation. We have had reason to design more than one building with a turret recently and are getting rather good at that; but across the board our work is extremely varied with several new and exciting challenges to explore. Reading up on modern library facilities is one current preoccupation, and walled gardens with passive solar greenhouse design is another - it's all very enjoyable project-related research.

CGIs (computer generated images) have become a regular way for us to visualize the future. Our designs for Bute Yard at Rothesay, The Thomas Graham Library in Strathblane, and also two new shooting lodges - one in Dumfriesshire and one on Lewis, and a number of new private houses have all been developed as photorealistic images. For everyone involved this adds a level of confidence and belief in the future of the project.

Construction procurement is another focus for us just now and in particular how we achieve value for money and efficient programmes for projects going on site in 2021. With the difficulties that builders have experienced this year it is ever more important for designers to make projects practical and easily buildable, so we are focusing on simplifying the packages and the elements and sequencing of construction.

From a consumer awareness viewpoint we have noticed a greatly heightened focus on the need for pleasant, comforting, beautiful interiors as well as for high quality in building, and for good building performance. There is, I think, a sense that people value their houses and the buildings that they use even more as a result of being confined to them. I am feeling, therefore, that there is huge scope for good architecture in Scotland and for companies like ours who are dedicated to producing it. We will keep striving.


Tom Robinson



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