By 17th February 2022

Craig Higgins

Associate Architect


Q1: What made you want to work within architecture?

The combination of artistic and technical design skills is what originally drew me to architecture during school. In university, my appreciation grew for the process of thinking and designing the elements of architecture that directly influence everyone’s lives. My love for this field has been cemented through the process of becoming a qualified architect and beginning my career. I have now experienced first-hand the privileged position of the architect in working directly with a client to achieve their vision from conception through to completion.

Q2: What has been your favourite project at TRA and why?

I have a mix of favourite projects at TRA and it so hard to pick just one. I do particularly like the new cottage project in Thorntonhall that has recently been granted planning permission - it’s my first original house design. I’m very much looking forward to progressing this one onto site.

Newbuild Gate Lodge

However, my favourite piece of architecture that I have seen at TRA is the living room window in Gartenbantrick Farmhouse.  It is a large window, approximately 2m x 2m, that has an elevated and unobstructed view across Loch Lomond – it is an incredible view perfectly captured by that window that firmly cements the house in its context.  I could sit at that window all day long!

New build Farmhouse - Gartocharn

Q3: What’s your favourite building and why?

My favourite building is probably the King’s Theatre in Glasgow. 

Personally speaking, it is a building that I have routinely returned to watch pantomimes and various shows.  I’ve also had the opportunity to appear in various concerts and performances on its stage.  For these reasons I have a personal connection to the building and love any opportunity to return to it.

Stylistically, the King’s Theatre is far removed from anything I would be designing in my daily work. However, as a piece of architecture it is a fine example of a building designed with a singular purpose, that has been executed confidently and with style. It has stood the test of time, adapted to modern changes and uses, and as such has stitched itself into the fabric of Glasgow as centre of community activity. All admirable qualities in my opinion.

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