By 7th February 2023
Ewen MacDonald
Architectural Assistant
Q1: What made you want to work within architecture?
I first got interested in architecture whilst completing my joinery and carpentry apprenticeship, and although I enjoyed the work, it could be pretty restrictive creatively. I wanted to get into architecture so that I could do something creative but still stay in the construction industry, as designing and constructing homes for people is very rewarding. Also, having spent four winters working out in the elements, getting to work in a nice warm office was very enticing.
Q2: What project are you looking forward to being involved in at TRA and why?
To be honest, there is no one project I am particularly looking forward to, it is more the variety of projects that I am looking forward to. For example, in the last couple of months I have gone from working on marble bathrooms to treehouses, with both projects being enjoyable and exciting in their own way.
Q3: What’s your favourite building and why?
My favourite building is Dùn Mòr, which is an Iron Age Broch located in Vaul on the Isle of Tiree. The reason it is my favourite building is due to its ambiguity, it is one of the hundreds of brochs that spread across the West coast of Scotland to the North East coast and to the Orkney and Shetland Islands. Yet nobody knows what they were for and why they were designed the way they are. Years of climbing over this ancient structure as a child and imagining the people that used to use this building and what they would be doing in it made me realise how interesting architecture could be.
Find out more about Ewen here: Ewen MacDonald


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