By 14th February 2022

Fiona Robinson




Q1: What made you want to work within architecture?

My uncle Geofrey Keanie, was a mid-century architect and his house was very different to any house I had been in before and my interest was piqued, experiencing the spaces in this house made me conscious of how space can be sculpted. Also, our family seemed to think that building houses rather than just buying them was the way to go so I grew up on many building sites and probably subconsciously became quite knowledgeable about building.


Q2: What has been your favourite project at TRA and why?


My favourite project is the Country Park House in Stirlingshire, our clients were a delight to work with and fully engaged as a team in the process. I think they love their house and the way it flows and looks. What could be more fulfilling than to be part of that process.

Country Park - Stirlingshire


Q3: What’s your favourite building and why?

There are so many but the Salk Institute, by Louis Kahn, which I have visited appeals to my clean lined, minimalist preferences. Also the Sydney Opera House, which appeals to my love for bold, clean and daring concepts.  


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Fiona Robinson

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