By 19th February 2022

Megan Grierson

Architectural Assistant


Q1: What made you want to work within architecture?

With close relatives in the field of Architecture, many of my childhood memories consist of attending degree shows, exhibitions and watching family members draw or paint. It’s a realm I feel comfortable within – I really couldn’t imagine doing anything else.  


Q2: What has been your favourite project at TRA and why?

Over the last year I have had the opportunity to work on a diverse mix of projects. A particular highlight was a contemporary residential extension in Fairlie, which allowed me to follow a project from conception through to completion for the very first time.  


Q3: What’s your favourite building and why?

Princes Square, for its ability to demand your attention as soon as you walk in and hold it until you leave. It generates an atmosphere that is difficult to find elsewhere in Glasgow.  

Find out more about Megan here: Megan Grierson


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