By Fiona Robinson25th January 2017

Sensitive design, local materials and local craftsmen are key components when designing rural buildings large or small.

Sensitivity to traditional Scottish building form, dimensions and roof pitch means the building looks as if it's been there forever.

Sensitivity to the local vernacular such as window proportions and fenestration ties the building  right into the specific area of Scotland which means you can identify where you are in Scotland.

Sensitivity to the site and landscape means that it adds immeasurable cultural quality to the local area.This building sits snuggly and unobtrusively into it's landscape.

Using local materials is key to designing sustainability and being sensitive to the local vernacular and also means you can identify where you are in Scotland.

Using local craftsmen is key to sustaining rural employment and traditions.

Having said all this it is still possible to add a touch of the contemporary into the design if for example your site is facing a stunning view that you just can't see if you have small windows. Proportioned well and your large window will fit sympathetically.

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