By 1st July 2021

Great news that planning has been granted for the new Thomas Graham Library in Strathblane.

Our designs for the library are clean, simple, contemporary and practical, and we're thrilled that the community and planning departments approve.

The new Thomas Graham Library  is an extraordinary project in several ways. The community group overseeing the project have been informed by the Scottish Libraries and Information Council that it will be the first new public library in the UK to be community-owned and funded, with its service delivered in partnership with the local council.

Part of the success so far has been the importance placed on the building itself being of a distinctive, attractive design, to reflect the huge local commitment to its funding. The group are keen to hold it up as a pioneer of successful community funding and delivering of public services.

The amount raised by the community is unprecedented: 270 local people - representing 25% of households within the Strathblane Community Council area - have donated sums of £10 to £500,000. The Development Trusts Association of Scotland, which represents more than 300 Community Development Trusts, is watching this project with great interest for inspiration for future ideas.

As the next step is putting the build out to tender to potential contractors, anyone taking on the job will be keenly aware that the money used is donated by people living in and around the village, who will have a vested interest in the success of the finished library.

We, for one, are looking forward with great enthusiasm to this next stage and to enjoying the finished library before too long, as it's on our doorstep.

Find out more about the project here.

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