Planning Applications and Pre-Applications

We have considerable success with planning applications because we establish detailed design stories to present to planning authorities.

We feel that one of the ways in which our service goes above and beyond, is in the detail we apply to getting the design concept pinned down at the start of our projects. In terms of planning applications and success, this means we submit extremely high-quality applications with thorough analysis and explanation of why we are designing a project in the way we are. This is crucial on commercial projects, and we have experience of the particular issues involved.

We can produce Design Statements when required as part of the supplementary information for planning applications. We explain the thinking behind the design in clear plain English. We have found that this approach is appreciated by the authorities and is a positive element towards the success of a planning application.

Our substantial experience and understanding of the planning system across Scotland, including in the National Parks, means each project we submit has the best possible chance of gaining planning permission, which is of considerable value to our clients.

Occasionally it may be advisable to undergo a pre-application process. This usually involves a submission and a series of meetings and discussions with the planning authority, depending on the size and nature of the development. We can advise when this is appropriate.

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