Condition Reports and Quinquenial Surveys

These are commissioned as part of a project to conserve, alter, or extend a historic building, or simply for clients wanting to know the condition of an asset.

Condition reports are often commissioned as part of a project to conserve, alter or extend a historic building or sometimes in isolation if a client just wants to know the condition of a building.

Where drawings are available or where the intended works merit it, we prefer to illustrate our reports with drawings in order that the scope of repairs recommended can be accurately identified.

Depending on the purpose of the report we often categorise the defects into Urgent, Essential, and Desirable, categories. We follow a systematic order in the report to enable clients, cost consultants and contractors to see where the main issues are. As a practice who build a lot using traditional materials and traditional styles and do a great deal of building work to existing buildings as well as constructing new ones we have considerable experience and knowledge which guides us in this work. 

Some reports may lead to a need for other expert consultants such as structural engineers or building pathologists. We also frequently involve specialist tradesmen and access equipment when a very close up look and assessment of building fabric is needed.

With buildings such as churches it is often the case that reports are carried out every five years and we regularly do these Quinquennial Reports for Glasgow Churches. 

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