Conservation Plans

We are skilled Conservation Architects, with considerable experience in sensitively preserving, upgrading, or extending significant historic buildings.

If a protected or valued historic building needs work to guarantee its future – from alterations to extensions, or even simple preservation work – we have the technical expertise and experience to do this work sensitively. We believe architectural heritage should be protected. 

Tom Robinson is accredited in conservation architecture under the RIAS scheme. He has experience working on protected traditional homes, churches, castles, rural estates, and townhouses. He has the knowledge required to treat old buildings properly and to conserve them for the long term, and can also improve their comfort and energy performance. Conservation projects may require new work either in a sympathetic traditional style or by introducing contrasting modern elements. Tom is fluent in classical and traditional detailing.

The work starts with site investigations and a process of drawing and recording, and adhering to any gradings protecting the building. We also have relationships with other conservation specialists who can be introduced to projects if required.

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