the project

This project involves the thorough refurbishment of an impressive B-listed mid-18th century sporting lodge. Located by a loch in the central Highlands, amid many acres of rural scenery, this beautiful mansion was sadly fire damaged in the 1980s and new owners are now bringing it back to its former glory. We are delighted to have been chosen to sensitively renew this grand building for the future. Our specialism in Traditional Architecture makes it an exciting job for the team.

Our work includes applying current conservation strategies to the building fabric and creating magnificent traditional-style new interiors containing detailed cabinetry in the public spaces.

The building has a wonderful and colourful history, with Hollywood star visitors and political leaders who have visited in times gone by.

How we worked

Because of the fire there were no internal details to work from, which in some way meant that we had a little more creative freedom with our designs. The dramatic main hall will be the focal point of the house, with all spaces leading from it. Panelling and cabinetry will be detailed to reflect the original period of the building and bring back the sense of a traditional sporting lodge.

However, before any internal work could be undertaken, the building fabric required a great deal of attention. Starting at the top, bats, leadwork, chimneys, and roof ventilation all needed careful planning and expert attention. Elimination of horizontal and upward rising damp was next on the agenda. Stone repairs involved some external lintel replacements and lime mortar repairs, as well as pointing.

On a technical level, Tom Robinson was particularly interested in using a combination of insulating lime plaster and wood fibre linings, designed with the help of WUFI calculations to ensure no increasing build-up of moisture levels in the building fabric, as was the case when we simulated conditions ten years into the future with other insulation types. Improving air tightness, installing masonry-heater wood burners, and using natural materials and low VOC paints were all part of our drive to give a new healthy and sustainable life to this magnificent building and to make it practical and pleasurable for its owners.

Success of the project

We are excited that this project is currently at construction stage, and envisage the finished result being a great success, renewing the splendour of this building for future generations to enjoy.