the project

A good designer understands that joinery can completely transform the appearance of a building. Mostly used on interiors, it can also be an external feature (see the exterior awning, pictured). It's a versatile medium using the creative flexiblity of working with wood, and can express great architectural ideas, shapes, tones and originality in the hands of skilled designers and joiners. This all makes joinery an exciting part of the design process - and it's key that the architect understands how to use joinery to its best effect.

For example, in classical architecture there is language made up of elements that need to be proportioned, combined and arranged in a certain order to achieve a satisfying composition. Much of the effect can be expressed in joinery. When it is used well, with originality and flair, the effect of an elegant traditional interior is understood by everyone. 

In modern architectural interiors the architecture may also be expressed by the joinery. This is likely to be done with planes of timber and sharp-edged lines and elements such as staircases, screens and built-in furniture. A skilled architect and joiner understand that certain shapes and proportions evoke a particular quality or feeling in a building.  


How we worked

When designing the joinery for an interior we consider the following:

1. Should the internal joinery throughout the house reflect the architecture of the exterior.

2. Should there be a hierarchy of elements in the house with the main spaces being given particular treatments such as panelling and coffering. We then work out what will be the strategy is for elements that may be painted or stained such as windows, doors, staircases etc, and how they meet with other finishes in the building.

3. We can advise on and design all aspects of interior architecture, and also help you choose the right joiner for your project.


Success of the project

Good joinery has an enormous effect on the character and feel of a space. Well-proportioned classicism will provide familiarity, elegance, grandeur and a sense of balance, while good modernist joinery might be designed to evoke an uncluttered, functional, rational aesthetic, and may also achieve elegance.

We are experienced in detailed design of all types of interior joinery. Have a browse through our projects and imagery for examples.