the project

Kitchen and dining spaces are the heart of a home and where cooking, eating, entertaining and family interaction take place daily. There is a real pressure on this space to perform well. We make sure every kitchen functions well ergonomically and technically, is flexible, and whatever else you need it to be. Perhaps to be nurturing, to be efficient, to be light or dark, or to be relaxed or formal - or both. 

We always look to create a significant space for the kitchen and dining areas in every home we design. We look to include natural light as well as good lighting for evening entertaning and socialising, or spending time with family. With years of experience of creating dream kitchens we can help you steer an idea towards your perfect cooking and eating space.


How we worked

When designing kitchens and dining spaces we usually start by gaining clear direction form our clients about the specific way they cook and entertain. For example, do they entertain regularly, are they keen chefs, do they like to cook on show or is privacy and a dining room required? Is morning or evening sun preferable in this space if the choice is available, and what other activities happen in this room? Do children do their homework here, do you run a business from the kitchen table, or like to watch a screen while cooking? Do you need comfortable seating as well as a table and dining chairs? Do you like everything out on the counter tops, or a clear minimalist space?

One recent project include the design of an open fireplace at counter level, an open rotisserie and a 100mm-thick stone worktop with classical moulded edges.

Contact us here to start designing your ideal home and kitchen, or if you need to reconfigure the interor of your home, or extend to create that perfect family kitchen and dining space.

Success of the project

Because the kitchen and dining area is so key to a home, we spend a lot of time making sure this area is designed correctly. There's nothing worse than finding you have the wrong lighting near the cooker, or not enough space to manoevre around your kitchen. It's best to get all the issues worked out at the design stage.