the project

We try to incorporate abundant light in our projects. We know that the amount of daylight a person experiences can greatly influence wellbeing, mood and general happiness, and therefore feel a responsibilty to design houses with the best use of natural daylight as possible.

We are also skilled interior designers and can design interior lighting to great effect for different moods within a home, office or public building.

How we worked

When designing for abundant light we consider many things, including the following:

1. We consider the orientation of rooms and how light enters and at what times of day.

2. Where possible we design rooms so that they have light coming in from two directions.

3. We design plans that are not too deep so that light can penetrate right into the building.

4. We are Passivhaus designers, so we consider solar shading as well so that too much light doesn’t cause overheating. 

Success of the project

How successful a home or space is will often have a lot to do with how light it is. The optimum light is natural daylight and a building’s orientation must be carefully considered so that the right light comes into the right room at the right time of day. There is skill in planning this for the best outcome.

When the sun goes down, how a room feels continues to be important, and we can design light fittings and fixtures in great detail. Fiona Robinson is a skilled interior architect and designer and has a great deal of experience in designing lighting.

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