the project

This newbuild 4-bedroom family house is in a lovely semi-rural situation, within commuting distance of Glasgow. The aim for the project was to maximise the views of the Campsies to the north, and make the most of the lochside setting.

Our clients were keen for a light and warm new home, with a clear association with its surroundings and recognisable features of contemporary Scottish architecture. They also wanted to take this opportunity to live more sustainably, running the home at as little cost to the environment as possible, with good energy efficiency.

How we worked

The site for this 1¾-storey house with an adjoining single storey garage, presented several architectural and engineering challenges, including the site shape, varying and sloping levels and access. We knew we had to get its placement right to make the most of its stunning location, beside a charming small loch. We were able to redevelop an existing access point from the road, avoiding having to create a new junction.

We collaborated with our clients to develop a plan where the main public spaces face the view, incorporating extensive glazing. This includes a 1¾-storey glazed screen and wide windows with sliding doors opening out onto the garden. This provides the wow factor for this home, allowing a spacious feel and light to flood in, as well as making the most of great views.

Varied ceiling heights and dramatic vaulted ceilings on the first floor create drama in this design, with large glazed gables, giving the home a luxurious interior feel.

However, the best views are to the north, which created a challenge in terms of planning light-filled rooms. Southern light is desirable, but north light has a more constant quality. North light is diffused sunlight which doesn’t create sharp shadows as it comes from blue sky rather than directly shining in from the sun. To vary this north light quality in the house, we added a rooflight above the main stairwell. And each bedroom has our signature approach to natural daylight which is bringing in light from two different directions in rooms. Overall, this variety gives an uplifting bright airy feel within the whole house.

We worked closely throughout with the notably diligent and conscientious contractors Macform, creating a positive working environment and relationship, which is key to a successful outcome.  

Success of the project

This is a very successful newbuild. Now complete, it offers a solid yet contemporary Scottish sensibility that is instantly recognisable as fitting in its place, using a simple palette of colours and materials. It has a timeless appeal. Its interior is appealing, light and warm, using sustainable energy solutions.

The variety of public and private spaces result in a characterful home which aligns perfectly with the client’s brief and resulted in smiles all round upon completion.