the project

This is a fascinating project. We achieved what two previous architects had not, which was to get the project through the planning process.

The new lodge is in the grounds of Knockderry House Hotel, a listed building with fanciful decorative aspects, turrets and stained glass features added by the architect Leiper in the late 19th century. This meant creating a sympathetic design for the new build was crucial. We did this by including similar aspects yet not a pastiche copy of the design of the hotel. Our design pleased both clients and planners.

The other fascination with this project was that we discovered the owner of Knockderry House, before it was a Hotel, when it was extended by William Leiper was our practice partner Fiona Robinson’s great grandfather, David Anderson! She hopes he would have been proud of the design.

How we worked

The crucial factor in how we approached this design was to be sensitive to the unique style of the neighbouring hotel. We did this by incorporating design motifs from the hotel in the new house. The way the building sits in its plot is also important, as it does not deter from the view of the hotel from the road.



Success of the project

We are very pleased with the success of this project. We managed to gain planning permission where others had not, and the finished building is extremely sympathetic to its surroundings. It feels as if it belongs in the space

It is a successful, sustainable, new large family home, ideal for the owners' needs.