the project

This is an exciting project to redevelop a wonderful private site in a prime Glasgow commuter village with an impressive new statement home. Our ideal is to confidently and elegantly express the character and quality of classical architecture while providing light-filled contemporary living spaces.

It’s an ambitious project requiring significant landscaping and the demolition of the existing house, a 1970s/80s style building that has not aged well and predates the designation of a local conservation area. Unfortunately, the existing building lacks the special architectural features or historical interest that the designation was introduced to protect.


How we worked

The new home is designed as a substantial central block with two side wings. The ground floor steps outwards to create balconies at first floor level, and a portico oversteps these balconies to provide a visual feature and shelter below, supported by large columns.
A glazed orangery leading to the garden and terrace is a prime feature of this appealing new home. Multiple roof lights, and striking full-length windows give the interior a fresh bright feel, as well as reducing the external visual mass of the building by giving a layered and textured effect. Further layers of detail and texture are added through the use of classical stone detailing, juxtaposed walling materials and attractive ironmongery. 
Commonality is found in the material palettes used, such as natural stone walling and slate roofing. These materials and classical inspired design sit well against the backdrop of the varied villa styles of the conversation area.
Aspects of the sloping site, which gradually dips down to a small lake, are used in the design to form a basement garage, which lessens the visual impact of parked cars. A grand double staircase rises to the first floor, with an elevator offering alternative access from basement parking level to first floor level.
The house is designed to be a beautiful place to live and to entertain guests, with generous living spaces opening out to the garden. A scheme of hard and soft landscaping will sensitively meld the new house with its lush surroundings.


Success of the project

While this project is currently at the planning stage, we feel confident that enactment of our designs would lead to a considerably more successful property on this site which would stand the test of time in a far more elegant way. 
We firmly believe the house will be a beneficial development of the site and a valuable addition to the area.