the project

Our traditional collection of houses was designed by Tom Robinson. Tom enjoys the disciplines of designing in the traditional architecture style and specifically to classical design principles. The houses have all been developed for real life projects but have not been built.

All designed as family homes, the houses range in size from 400m2 to 1200m2. The language of classical architecture is based on a system of proportion in which the dimensions of one element relates to all of the other elements. When the system is followed everything is in harmony.

Much traditional architecture in Scotland is the vernacular rural architecture that is specific to the individual ‘character zones’ across Scotland. Designing, conserving, and updating these buildings is an important part of the work of Thomas Robinson Architects. As with any location, vernacular styles and materials have always been incorporated into the diverse range of traditional architecture of Scotland, which has its roots in the buildings of continental Europe.

How we worked

Each of the houses illustrated is the result of the requirements of a very specific brief. The principles adopted in all of them involve the application of a degree of symmetrical design in both the plan and elevations. Modern living habits and the ability to create comfortable conditions in houses have meant the houses tend to be more open and flowing inside. In all cases we establish the framework of a hierarchy of the main spaces and organized them in a way which maximized views out, light in, and a sense of flow comfort and convenience. The interior illustrations are examples only.

Success of the project

Not every design that comes out of an architect’s office will be built, for a variety of reasons. However, any good architect will keep designing new buildings and honing our craft in order to meet new clients with exciting and interesting projects. Ideas from these houses have influenced the practice in the course of other projects and indeed some elements from them have been built.  In this way we like to think of the experience of any good piece of design work as a success.