By 7th July 2021

It's great to have this new project on the go, transforming an outbuilding into a luxury living space. The owners had the very sensible idea of upgrading an existing 19th-century Scottish barn into a lovely, airy holiday cottage.

The aim is keep the soul of the traditional building, yet inject it with a modern interior - suitable for easy, flowing 21st-century living.

The core idea is to split the long barn into two halves, one for living and one for sleeping.

Our main proposed changes are to replace the roof truss design and add skylights, so that a much greater feeling of double-height space and light is brought into what is currently a rather oppressive space. We would keep the appealing deep window reveals, but line them in oak to match the new beams. The design will combine a sense of solidity with a modern feeling of luxury.

Find out more about the project here.

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