By 16th February 2022

What made you want to work within architecture?


I love art and science and architecture is a bit of both!

A lot of science goes into making buildings structurally sound, warm, watertight, and well-ventilated.

There is an art to the flow of spaces and creating a pleasing visual appearance.

The best part is working with people to make a tangible, positive change in the world that can be enjoyed for many years to come.


What has been your favourite project at TRA and why?


Rannoch Lodge is a fantastic, listed stone estate house that we are lucky enough to be refurbishing.

Just getting to visit the site overlooking Loch Rannoch is an adventure!

The project is bringing a disused and fire damaged building back to life, a great blend of sustainable systems, period details and modern conveniences to create a happy family home.

Splendid B-Listed Mansion Renewal


What’s your favourite building and why?


The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is an amazing testament to the dedication of architects to see a project through, using old and state-of-the-art technology to help realise the vision. I was fortunate enough to get a personal tour from the project Architect and stand at the alter just before the pope’s visit! The view down the nave with the sunlight pouring in and illuminating the forest of columns is incredible.

Read more about Anna here: Anna Daintrey-Dijkman


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