By 18th February 2022

Scott Robertson

Architectural Technician



Q1: What made you want to work within architecture?

Growing up watching Grand Designs, my general love for technical hand drawing and computer aided design.


Q2: What has been your favourite project at TRA and why?

My favourite project at the moment is Rannoch Lodge. It’s an incredible building which is unlike anything I have worked on previously. I admire its scale and grandeur, its stunning location nestled on the edge of Loch Rannoch in its own expansive ground, which assists with internal design and general renovation works. Thankfully the process has also been made as smooth and stress free with Anna at the helm.

Splendid B-Listed Mansion Renewal


Q3: What’s your favourite building and why?

Don’t know if it’s necessarily my favourite building but it is one that I love and will always remember, ‘Villa Savoye’ by Le Corbusier. It is a beautiful piece of early modern architecture that embodies Le Corbusier design philosophy. My love for this architect and building came about when I chose him for a case study in university, as part of that I was lucky enough to go down to London to see an exhibition about him and his work, eventually settling on the ‘Villa Savoye’ as the main focus for the case study.

Find out more about Scott here: Scott Robertson

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