Commercial Interior Design

Successful interior design is about much more than furnishings and decor. We look at the whole space, and make it work effectively in harmony with its surroundings.

Commercial interior design can either be a separate service, or the final layer after interior architecture. Successful interior design is about more than choice of furniture and fittings, and works best when interwoven with interior architecture services to achieve brilliant final design in terms of finishes, flow, lighting, harmony and structure.

As designers we always have an eye open for interior design ideas and inspiration – from design shows through to inspirational country homes and buildings worldwide, from Huf Houses to palaces and castles to cottages. Follow our Instagram account for examples of the designs which inspire us, and view our projects pages for completed designs. We also have considerable experience of large projects involving independent interior designers and can happily collaborate.

We use multiple visualisation tools, have an extensive knowledge of how to work in listed buildings and interiors, and have RIBA Conservation accredited architects as well as a Passivhaus expert on the team. We have tried and trusted contacts across the world of design, including bespoke lighting designers, specialist craftspeople – from woodturners to stonemasons – and furnishing experts to call on, as well as construction and joinery experts for all jobs, large or small.

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