the project

The brief was to rebuild and reinstate the grade A listed castle to its original form following fire damage. The majority of the interior was lost and large portions of the external walls had collapsed. The Castle was the centrepiece of a magnificent Country Estate used for shooting parties and entertaining.


How we worked

Tom Robinson of Thomas Robinson Architects was the Project Architect while in the office of Conservation Architects James Cuthbertson Architects. He did extensive research in archives and records to establish what had existed before the fire then developed a design to meet the client’s brief. Complex building control issues were resolved and the design process involved many meetings with Historic Scotland. A philosophy of working in Traditional Architecture language was used and, most importantly, the Castle was rebuilt using traditional materials and methods for most principal elements. Yet new high standards of comfort and servicing were also achieved, appropriate for the use of the building to entertain guests.

Success of the project

This challenging project proved deeply satisfying. The reinstatement of the castle’s grade A listed style was acheived as authentically as possible. Our reconstruction also allowed the building to become far more energy efficient. The Traditional Design philosophy was carried through in a magnificent interior design by Nina Campbell. The project became a case study for Thomas Robinson Architects becoming a conservation accredited architect in Scotland.