the project

This is a fascinating project to convert a disused and derelict stone bothy into sustainable tourist accommodation. It sits in the grounds of a grade B listed property within the protected Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park so needed a design that is extra sensitive towards the surroundings.

The client’s requirement is for a full refurbishment of the existing stone structure to make it suitable for modern living without ruining its traditional appearance. It will also gain accommodation space. It will be built to a sustainable design, including an eco-friendly green roof, which strongly suits its peaceful woodland setting.

How we worked

Achieving planning permission for existing buildings can be tricky. As this one is in the grounds of a Grade B listed property, and in the catchment of the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, we had to be particularly sensitive and work closely with our client and the planning authority to reach a design that pleased all parties. The planning authorities rightly protect our built heritage from inappropriate and destructive development. We are keenly aware of this and are experienced in designing harmonious and beautiful buildings which protect the character of these structures and blend well into their surroundings.

As well as modernising the building completely, we are also adding a rear extension for much-needed accommodation space. The extension is set back from the existing walls, with a lower pitched roof and timber cladding so as not to detract from the original building. 

The green roof – with live planting – will enhance the atmosphere of the cottage, and reflect its sustainable and eco-friendly selling points, which appeal to many tourists to the area. During the build, we will also retain and re-use existing materials on site as far as possible.

Success of the project

The planning departments involved were pleased with the idea to reinvigorate this classic stone bothy into accommodation for tourists, within the beautiful surroundings of the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park. Once completed it will be a highly successful reuse of a traditional building, utilising some of the original materials and providing attractive rural cottage accommodation for the many visitors to the area. It will also offer both the client and visitors an appealing eco-friendly and energy efficient environment.