the project

This design is for a large contemporary country house with an area in excess of 1000m2. The main public rooms are arranged internally around a large central hallway which opens onto a courtyard which faces south.

The kitchen, living and dining areas bound the east side of the courtyard and the large drawing room and library bound the third and westerly side of the courtyard. There is an ancillary wing incorporating garaging and stabling to north west side of the building and a guest accommodation wing to the north east side. The house also has a basement entertainment area. On the first floor there are five bedroom suites.

One of the challenges of a domestic building of this plan area is to keep it domestic in feel and massing. This has been done by the orientation of the roof pitches which run in a in a north south direction rather than the east west direction arrangement which would have been more traditional. The reason for this is so that the building massing can be broken down more easily by varying roof heights between one and a half and three storeys which means it feels less like a large building.


How we worked

We analysed the plan and how it flowed so that would work in the most efficient way possible in terms of practical living and natural daylight. Aesthetically we chose a simple traditionally Scottish form and arranged it in a more contemporary way.

Success of the project

The building works well as a large country house and its scale is comfortable in the landscape.

The internal photos show how the interior and the light quality work.