the project

We love entrances. They are a crucially important part of any project. We always prioritise thinking about how a building flows and this flow all begins by putting the entrance in the right place on the site and in the right place in the building. The emotional impact of a building is affected by that very first step you take through the front door, and we know how to make that impact count.


How we worked

When designing entrances, we consider the following:

1. Purpose - Does the house need an entrance that keeps the weather out with large storm doors, or perhaps you need a practical space where a whole family will leave their shoes.

2. The feel - The impact of a house is often eptomised by the feel of the entrance. Do our clients want it to feel friendly, imposing, luxurious, open, discreet, formal or informal.

3. Scale - Should the entrance be high or low and what scale of space does the entrance lead to. If there is a double volume hall beyond it you might want to make the impact of this hall greater by entering through a contrastingly low entrance. 

4. Visibility and location - Can you find and identify the entrance easily.

5. Materials - Are they lightweight additions or solid shelters, does the material contrast or compliment the main building. We help consider what is best, whether it's an all-revealing wall of glass or a heavy timber door which makes for more impact, mystery or surprise as you enter through it. 

6. Accessibility - Can everyone use them.

7. Practicalities - Does the client need a letterbox - will it sit on an external wall, or be a slot in the door. Where will letters land.

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Success of the project

The success of an entrance depends on many factors, and depend on how well the entrance has been considered. Browse our images and projects for examples of the contrasting entrances we have designed, from grand classical central doorways with pillars, to cottagey front entrances to Highland cottages with porches, or large bold modern doorways, and many more.