the project

This project is for an impressive two-storey retirement house for the longtime owners of the farm on which it is set. The couple will then pass the running of the estate on to their son.
The client is appreciative of fine architecture and wishes to reflect the many fine listed buildings of Dumfries and Galloway in the design. Our plan is for a striking classical-architecture inspired country home that will stand firm for many decades if not centuries to come. 
A key aspect of this new estate home is that it sits on a currently unappealing brownfield site, containing disused and dilapidated farm buildings, uneven semi-concreted ground, and slurry pits. The new house will transform the area into a pleasing site, while remaining discreet from the main road. 

How we worked

Local materials and familiar forms are utilised in the design, such as rendered walls, pitched slate roofs, and window and door surrounds. Embellishments including external stone corner bands, plinths, architraves, sills and the two verandas are where the classical language emerges. This tradition has been adopted throughout the Scottish countryside since the late 17th century, in farm and estate buildings, tower house enhancement projects, and for new country houses of all sizes.
Our design reflects independent large villas of the area, by combining vernacular traditions with classicism. Symmetry is a dominant feature, and as experts in traditional and classical design we understand the exacting proportions and ratios required for a building like this to look correct and elegantly successful. Window proportions, wall height, and the building massing overall have been intricately considered together.
The stone dressings are typical of the area, combined with light render, painted timber windows, and natural slate roofing with leadwork.
Its interiors will be light filled, flowing and spacious, with modern energy-efficient systems, including a ground source heat pump for heating and domestic hot water.

Success of the project

This project is currently at the planning stage. It would see a significant development of a brownfield site, and a huge improvement in the appearance and use of this section of the farm estate.
The finished home will not just heal the scars that are the existing buildings in the landscape, but add a building which adds to the particular sense of place that exists here, and which will seem just right for the setting.