the project

This project involved the establishment of a new farmhouse on an open greenfield site in Stirlingshire. The pleasing traditional design is a simple classical form with rooms arranged around a central hall lit by a feature cupola and large stair window. The site has magnificent views in all directions, which the building makes the most of. The main kitchen living space was located along the sunny south elevation, while less-used rooms are on the north facing side.

How we worked

We designed the house using the principles of classical architecture. The Tuscan Doric order was selected for the entrance and interior columns. Fine detailing of internal joinery and finishes continued the traditional design approach throughout the house.

Success of the project

By achieving a difficult planning consent and constructing a high quality and substantial house in this location, considerable value has been created for the owner. The project was a traditional build with concrete ground and first floors and is an efficient form. It is a good example of value for money using high quality traditional residential architecture.