the project

Using stonework in new buildings is an investment in quality and permanence and with the architecture can be used to evoke a quality of timelessness about a building. It also enables the architect to express the architecture through use of texture, scale and design of the key architectural elements which make up the building. 

How we worked

When considering stone as a material for a project we firstly look at the local stone of the area. It is not always possible to obtain it for a new building, but it is usually possible to choose a stone that is similar or in some other way suitable for the particular location. 

When designing in stone we consider the following:

1. We make a shortlist of potentially suitable stone types and assess for colour, quality - including porosity and weathering capability, workability with relevance to the particular design details, dimensional limitations, availability and cost.

2. We work up the design and prepare the details and stone schedules.

3. We consider how the stone elements will be programmed into the project and detail the construction drawings accordingly. 



Success of the project

The success of a new project can be judged on first appearance, but it is best judged after a substantial period of use, say ten years or more. The true success of a building will show once it has had time to weather, and the landscape around it has matured.

If an appropriate stone is selected and if the design and detailing is done well, buildings start to look better as they age. Also, when good craftmanship of a stonemason is obvious in the building details it is a constant reminder to the building owner that something special has been created.