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Interior architecture and Interior design at Thomas Robinson Architects is a service which is growing and led by Fiona Robinson. To understand the difference between these two services please refer to our services section.

Colour is always an integral feature of design, and can affect the entire feel of a space, as well as the emotions of those using a room.

Whether it's for the design a Highland Shooting Lodge, a church interior, or a dream kitchen, colour comes into play. 

How we worked

When deciding on colour schemes we consider many things, including:

1. Which way does the room face and how will the natural light work.

2. Will the colour chosen to go with the view outside. For example, the outlook from a green room to a very green landscape might be overwhelming.

3. How much natural daylight does the space get. Check out our light section.

4. What is the function of the room - is it for evening use only, for painting, for working, etc.

5. What colour are the other finishes in the room that we need to consider, including the natural colours of wood or stonework.

6. If we have a coloured feature wall will it make the room look narrower, smaller, taller or bigger and which wall should it be.

7. Do we colour half the wall and use panelling below. Check out our joinery section.

8. Are there historic colours we should get inspiration from that match the period of the building.

9. Are there cultural colours that we can’t use for any reason.

10. Does our client have strong preferences for certain colours.

11. How will certain colours effect our client’s mood  

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Success of the project

The success of an interior is often influenced by the choice of colour used in the space. Our methodology for choosing colour in interiors follows a few simple rules as specified previously. The projects pictured are a few examples of where we have used bold colour in interiors to emphasise one wall or to set the tone whether its relaxed, dramatic or energising.